Neiber.. Dattebane?

Leaving his kingdom and loved ones behind, Siddhartha became a wandering monk. He cut off his hair to show that he had renounced the worldly lifestyle and called himself Gautama. He wore ragged robes and wandered from place to place. In his search for truth, he studied with the wisest teachers of his day. None of them knew how to end suffering, so he continued the search on his own.[x]

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KILL la KILL (キルラキル) illustration by animator Hideki Nakagawa (中川 英樹) from the C86 book “TakePro (竹プロ). Mankanshoku Mako with Harime Nui and Kiryuin Ragyō in swimsuits! Satsuki and Ryuuko are wearing Junketsu/Senketsu ones, and cute Nonon Jakuzure her Nudist Beach uniform !!! It reminds me of Amemiya’s beach illustration.

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